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The After Cesarean Underwear

An approved vendor of C-Panty
For the USA based C-Panty home site, visit www.cpanty.com

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Start your recovery NOW....

  • Get 'your body back' after c-section - in style

  • Start your recovery... feel better faster

  • Enjoy your baby in comfort, knowing you are taking the best care of yourself

  • Be in control of your scar from the start - let your body know how you want it to look

Reduce Scarring, reduce swelling....

  • Holds down that pesky little C-bulge and provide a little post-baby shaping with the compression panel

  • Reduce Scarring with an interior silicone panel always on your C-section incision.

  • Reduce Swelling with a gentle compression panel

Don't waste money on creams next year, start your c-section recovery now and let your post-c-section body get the best chance of healing

Why is Silicone so good at Reducing Scars?

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** NEW **

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All C-Panty now available in NATURAL

"A Must Have"
Pregnancy Magazine

Classic C-Panty
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After C-Section
Classic x 2 C-Panty
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After Cesarean Underwear
Tummy Shaper
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After C-Section
Starter Pack
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After Caesarean Underwear